Dancing at George Mason University means integrating both body and mind. Here, dancers are supported by impressive faculty, a rigorous course of study, and dedicated classmates.

You'll Stretch Your Mind, As Well As Your Body

During four years as a dance major at George Mason, students will be introduced to new ways of thinking about themselves as artists, and about dance and movement.

Dance majors take ballet and modern technique classes each day. Each semester, students develop their skills as dancers and deepen their understanding of core anatomical principles. Our choreography series features:

Rhythmic Analysis complements these courses, and by the second semester of the junior year, majors are prepared to create work for our adjudicated concerts.

Rounding out the degree:

Robert Rubama, BFA, 2018

Robert Rubama, BFA, 2018

Along with academic course selections across the university, the busy schedule means that School of Dance graduates leave with an excellent education, prepared for the realities of being in an artist in our society.