Athletic Training Clinic

Dancers are a unique blend of athlete and artist, performing physically demanding activity requiring significant strength, flexibility and endurance. The School of Dance majors benefit from the highly specialized services offered by a nationally certified and licensed Athletic Trainer (AT) who has extensive experience working with performing artists. Our AT specializes in the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions related to participation in physical activity.

Mason School of Dance is one of the few programs in the country offering full-time AT support solely for dance majors.

Services Provided Include:


Upon their arrival at Mason, students work with the Athletic Trainer to create a comprehensive, individualized and dance-specific strengthening, flexibility and conditioning program to address any alignment or conditioning issues and examine the cause of any previous injuries. We provide access to Pilates reformers, springboards, chairs, therabands and a variety of other exercise equipment. An ongoing series of lectures provides information about care and prevention of injuries, conditioning and nutritional needs.

Clinical Evaluation and Emergency Care

In the event of an injury, the Athletic Trainer will conduct an initial examination and provide treatment as applicable or refer to Emergency Medical Services if necessary.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

The Athletic Trainer develops an individualized treatment plan and utilizes manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to improve motor control patterns and muscle imbalances. The onsite Clinic is equipped with therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, electro-stimulation, whirlpool, and heating packs.

Athletic Training Clinic at Mason's School of Dance

Dance majors learn about and engage in personalized conditioning and rehabilitation programs, created and supervised by a full-time Athletic Trainer.