Small Classes

Individualized Attention is Hallmark

Small Classes at the School of Dance

The School of Dance has light-filled spacious studios with plenty of room to dance full out. Small classes help keep the spaces open. Professor Christopher d'Amboise works with a student in one of the studios.

Each year, the School of Dance selects an incoming class of 20 outstanding dancers.

We believe this is just the right size, as a total of 80 dance majors allows the faculty to be completely involved in and committed to your development. With our spacious studios, the rooms are filled, but not packed. There is space to move.

As a dance major, you'll feel a real connection with the faculty, receive one-on-one choreographic mentorship, individual attention in technique class, numerous opportunities to perform, and a full-time advisor. We believe training in the arts should be personal, honest, caring, and committed.